Interim report for nuclear repository: gorleben should live

Half of Germany is suitable for a nuclear repository, according to the report by BGE, the company responsible for the project – but not Gorleben.

Decades of protest succeed: Young woman at the anti-Castor protest near Gorleben in 2010 Photo: Christian Charisius/reuters

The search for a nuclear repository in Germany has begun with a surprise and a success for the environmental movement. The controversial site in Gorleben, Lower Saxony, is unsuitable from a geological point of view and will be ruled out, according to the "Interim Report on Partial Areas" presented by the Federal Society for Final Disposal (BGE) on Monday. "The Gorleben salt dome will therefore not be considered in the BGE’s further work on the proposals on siting regions," the BGE’s press statement said. This is exactly what nuclear critics have been demanding for decades.

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Resigned npd leader: apfel threatened with party expulsion

Former NPD leader Holger Apfel officially resigned due to a burnout illness. His party does not seem to believe him and speaks of further "accusations".

The reasons for his withdrawal seem unclear. Image: dpa

The far-right NPD is to be led by Udo Pastors for the time being following the resignation of its chairman Holger Apfel. He is to be proposed to the party’s executive committee as acting head, the party announced Monday night after a presidium meeting in Frankfurt am Main.

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Four views on the you and you: the dutopia

Deutsche Bahn wants its customers to be on first-name terms on Facebook and Twitter in the future. We ask ourselves: Will we all never be on a first-name basis again?

"You" is very close, but "you" is far away Photo: Jasmin Sander/plainpicture

Like nudism for over-50s

When you meet your first "you" as a young person, you are first embarrassed, then painfully touched. Is this really appropriate? Am I really that old? Am I really one of them? The fact that you’re usually called by your first name makes the transition a little easier, though: by the time university starts, at the latest, no one expects you to remain on a first-name basis within an institution; and outside, everything goes on as usual.

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Wetternames as participation struggles: low “ahmet” is here

The Netzwerk Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen (NdM) assigns migrant betternames. However, jubilation and anger about this are often undercomplex.

"The important thing is that social diversity finally becomes normality, everywhere." – Ferda Ataman Photo: New German Media Makers

Low "Ahmet" brings snow, and a little excitement. Not because of the snowfall, of course, but because of "Ahmet." The campaign "Wetterberichtigung" (Weather Correction) of the Netzwerk Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen (NdM) (New German Media Makers Network) is responsible for this. The NdM wants to give marginalized parts of the population a stronger representation in the highs and lows of this country, including the meteorological ones. To this end, the association has purchased 14 sponsorships for high and low pressure areas and given them migrant names. "Making the weather more diverse is just a symbolic step," explains chairwoman Ferda Ataman. "The important thing is that social diversity finally becomes the norm, everywhere."

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World no. 1 in tennis: angelique kerber wins us open.

After a two-hour match, the 28-year-old decides the match in her favor. It is the second Grand Slam title of her career.

Done! Angelique Kerber kisses the trophy after her success Photo: dpa

Angelique Kerber has become the second German tennis player after Steffi Graf to win the US Open. The new world number one won the final against Czech Karolina Pliskova 6:3, 4:6, 6:4 on Saturday.

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Usa wants new missile systems: the arms race begins

No sooner has the withdrawal from the INF Treaty been sealed than the new US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is rushing forward with rearmament proposals.

The U.S. Defense Department now wants to "fully pursue" missile systems development Photo: reuters / US Air Force

Following the final end of the INF disarmament treaty, the US has announced an accelerated development of new missile systems. The US has already begun developing "mobile, conventional, land-based cruise missile and ballistic missile systems," Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday. Earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the formal U.S. withdrawal from the agreement after more than three decades. Russia, meanwhile, proposed a moratorium on the U.S. deployment of intermediate-range nuclear-capable missiles.

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Signatures against opencast mining: potsdam gives priority to vattenfall

A popular initiative collects 26,000 signatures against new opencast mines in Brandenburg. Now the state parliament must discuss the issue – but it would rather receive the Vattenfall works council first.

Debates about opencast mines in Brandenburg could put Platzeck in a bind. Picture: ap

Accompanied by a demonstration march of Kerkwitz residents, the popular initiative "No new open pit mines" handed over more than 26,000 signatures to Brandenburg’s state parliament president on Thursday. Even with 20,000 signatures under a popular initiative, the state parliament must debate the corresponding request – in this case, the future of lignite in Brandenburg. The energy company Vattenfall plans to develop at least three more opencast mines in addition to its three opencast mines. This would require the residents of Kerkwitz to be forcibly relocated.

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Dubious glyphosate expert reports: studies from the falsification laboratory

When authorities classified the pesticide glyphosate as harmless, they also relied on a laboratory that apparently manipulated experiments.

Demonstration against the company LPT in front of Hamburg City Hall in February 2020 Photo: eventpress.

Several animal test studies for the approval of the pesticide glyphosate originated from a laboratory operator who apparently falsified results of experiments. In its latest report on the weedkiller for the EU, the state-run Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) names the Hamburg-based company LPT (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology) as the source for 14 studies.

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Increased cancer cases at drilling sites: natural gas production poisons mushrooms

An environmentalist has detected highly elevated mercury levels in edible mushrooms around natural gas extraction sites.

Absorbs heavy metals through its root network: the witch bolete. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The natural gas industry is going all out: After "years on hold," says Martin Bachmann, CEO of the German Natural Gas, Petroleum and Geoenergy Association, the industry wants to massively boost production again. From 2021, fracking is also to be resumed – the new fracking law makes it possible. It will affect Lower Saxony in particular; around 95 percent of the natural gas extracted in Germany comes from this federal state.

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Unicef report on children in crisis: one in ten children grows up in war

Violence, insecurity and hatred shape millions of children. They face the most severe abuse in Syria, South Sudan and Iraq.

A street child playing in Allahabad, India. Photo: ap

Around 230 million girls and boys are growing up in war and crisis regions worldwide. This is according to the report "Children between the Fronts" by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) presented in Berlin on Tuesday.

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